Antalya is one of the most well-known resorts on the Mediterranean coast, which makes it  popular not only due to the warm sea and all-inclusive hotels, but also the attractions of Turkey, which are scattered throughout the region in large numbers.

Modern Antalya is a big city that is developing rapidly and is only 12 km from the international airport and this is another of the advantages of this city, because after the arrival you can be in your hotel in just a short while and enjoy the beginning of a long-awaited vacation.

Antalya consists of five districts and in each of them you will find something interesting. The youngest of them is the Aksu district, which got its name from the local river that flows into the Mediterranean Sea and on the banks of which the district is located. Here you will find beautiful sandy beaches that delight with a variety of flora and azure sea. Also here you can find a large selection of five-star hotels and get a high-quality service.

Старый порт Анталии

The next, by no means less interesting area is called Dösemealtı. Here is the Antalya Zoo, which tops the list of the most successful zoos in Turkey. The large area and environmental conditions create a comfortable living environment. There is also the Kepezalta picnic area, where you can have fun all day outdoors with the whole family. The area has benches with tables, swings and slides. Also in this area you will find a waterfall with an ancient cave and a bazaar with the famous Turkish carpets.

The third district is ideal for those who like to party from dusk till dawn. Lara is considered to be the business and entertainment center of Antalya, with many nightclubs and discos and the beach here have an international Blue Flag Award – a sign that the water here meets high quality standards and is suitable for safe bathing. The area has a lot of night clubs, discos and the beach has an international Blue Flag Award, a sign that the water here meets highest standards of quality and is safe for swimming.

In the west of the city there is  the popular tourists district of Konyaalti there are numerous places of interest, such as the “largest aquarium-tunnel in the world,” as the official site informs us, one of the best viewing platforms, which must be included in the list of places to visit in Antalya, because you will see a landscape of amazing beauty and Antalya bird’s-eye view. Also in Konyaalti you will find a dolphinarium, water park, landscaped beaches with cafes, restaurants and parks.

In the north of Antalya lies the district of Kepez, which means a rocky area by the sea. It used to look like this a long time ago, but today Kepez is one of the greenest and fastest developing areas of Antalya, which has comfortable, aspiring to become a luxury housing. Here are the olive plantations, coniferous forests and numerous park areas and squares. Here you will also find the Düden Upper Waterfall, where you can watch the water fall from the inside, hidden behind a large grotto. Here, in the coolness of the waterfall, you can have a great time and have an impressive photo shoot.

Diving in Antalya will be of interest to both beginners with safe dive sites and experienced divers with more interesting dive sites such as the sunken French ship St. Didier, an American military plane, an ancient ship Helidonia and a specially sunken Turkish Air Force plane. The Mediterranean underwater world is diverse, with sea turtles, moray eels, tuna and even dolphins.

Shopping in Antalya can also be classified as a separate type of entertainment, because many who come to Turkey are already familiar with a large range of quality Turkish goods at low prices, which at home they have to buy in brand stores at a much higher price. Gulluk and Isiklar are popular shopping streets, where you can buy not only products of Turkish factories, but also worthy replicas of European brands at reasonable prices. In the shops of the Old City you will find a large exhalation of souvenirs and antiques, mixed with cozy shops and restaurants. It is worth spending a whole day in the Old Town because there are places to wander, have a good time and make a great photo shoot. At the entrance you will be greeted by the Hadrian’s Gate, which is about 2000 years old.

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